Regarding Road Boners

I wanted to make a post regarding some of the more controversial and offensive things said in Road Boners after receiving a comment on YouTube that bothered me. Below is a full transcript, unedited, of our conversation, but the succinct version is this: getting angry at me for some of the things I say would be like getting mad at Charlie Day for some of the things Charlie says on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. "The views and opinions expressed by Ryan and Charles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Ryan and Charles." I'll refer to the user as J, as I did not ask for permission to post this, even though their comments are already public on YouTube and Google+.


Question 1: How old are the Road Boners? Question 2: What the hell did I just watch and why? (I guess that's 2 questions.) Comment: You gave me one more reason to question if there is still any hope for humanity: "If the entire world was like me except for, like, some hot women for me to fuck occasionally... The world would be perfect; it would be a utopia." Maybe you should reassess your view of females. There's much more to us as human beings than simply a place to put your penis.



I understand your cause for offense, and that's an appropriate reaction (and one I would hope everyone would have) to that statement. It was meant to be horrible and paint me in a negative light. All I can say is that people shouldn't take everything Ryan and I say in these videos seriously or to be representative of how we really feel on things, including that specific statement. Perhaps I should place a disclaimer on the front of future videos to make that more obvious, but in the end, these videos won't be for everyone due to some of ridiculous and offensive things we say. It's just something we enjoy doing and if people like it, then cool, if not, then cool. 



I'm not that easily offended. More like, disheartened. You're missing out on many interesting people if you see half the World's population as solely existing to sexually pleasure you. Yes, I get that it was a stupid, off-the-cuff comment, but if you're going to make these videos, you're going to get a lot of people telling you how they feel about...well, everything you stand for. And just some unbiased, hopefully constructive criticism, maybe you should have some sort of structure or theme to your videos. Two guys talking about people and situations that the viewers are completely clueless about isn't going to hold people's interest. It's like sitting at a red light and overhearing the random 25-35 year old guys in the next car chatting. You have to give the viewer a reason to want to come back...just sayin'. PS Just some food for thought, respond if you like or don't: I wonder what your thought process would be if the situation were reversed and it were girls in the car and one said to the other "If the entire world was like me except for, like, some guys with huge dicks for me to fuck occasionally...The world would be perfect; it would be a utopia."



Thankfully that's not how I actually view women. As I mentioned, with that specific statement included, not everything Ryan and I say will be true or match our real views/opinions. I'm glad you commented and brought up this issue, as it reminded me of something I didn't put enough thought into previously: that a lot of people watching this won't know the real us and won't know when we mean something or not. I know I can say horrible things around Ryan and him know it's not true, but everyone else won't necessarily know that. I briefly thought about that fact, but I didn't spend enough time wondering if it would bother me or not. My friends and I have always enjoyed pretending we hold abhorrent views around each other, either for amusement or to mock those that actually do, but there's no way for anyone else to know the difference.

Thank you for the constructive criticism. As hopefully evidenced by the pilot intro, very little effort and thought has been put into this, and though this could change down the line, that's kind of the point. These are conversations Ryan and I would have regardless, and since I have a GoPro mount already attached to the windshield, we figured, why not just record it? The amount of editing is trivial (at least it will be when the audio is fixed and I don't have to add subtitles), and I feel trying to structure it would take the fun out of it. Some people will like it, some people won't. The positive comments we've received thus far from those who found it funny or enjoyable has outweighed the negative from those saying it was bad (or, in one case, "How long is this?"), though it will be very divisive and not for most people. But Ryan and I are fine with that, because it is just something simple that we have fun doing. I remember a text message I sent to him before editing saying, "These videos only need two views: me and you, baby." I like to create content for myself, but I do it publicly so if there is someone out there who would enjoy it as well, or if there is a productive discussion that can be had, those things can happen. I actually had someone I haven't spoken to in months message me on Facebook last night saying they saw the video and thought it was pretty funny, and now we're back in touch. That alone made it worth it in my eyes.

As for if the situation were reversed and a girl said that, I would think it was pretty funny. I actually think it works better. I can picture it quite well. It would probably have to be on HBO or something due to the language, but it works. I would be surprised if something like that already hasn't been said, actually, whether during a stand-up routine or something else.

What I am probably going to do is throw up a quick disclaimer saying, "The views and opinions expressed by Ryan and Charles do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Ryan and Charles" on future videos, but that's as far as I'm willing to take it right now. I can't control whether someone is bothered or offended by a joke or statement we've made or not, and I have no interest in trying to censor ourselves. If people want to think we're despicable human beings because they took something ridiculous or offensive we've said to be how we really feel, then that's the risk that has to be taken when putting something like this out on the Internet.

Thank you for your feedback and time. I've already put more thought into this series now than I ever intended to, but I'm glad to have this discussion this early on and have it out there. I have no idea how many of these Ryan and I will do. It could be a couple, it could be more. I live over two and a half hours away from him, so we don't get to see each other that much, but I probably have enough video for three episodes or so. However, for you particularly, judging by your response to this video, I don't recommend future episodes in this series, as I don't see it changing that much as of now.


I agree whole-heartedly with you on the subject of humor; even the most marvelously morbid joke or comment that your friends expect and find funny from you because they know you, is probably not going to translate to people watching. And of course, do not censor yourself. That would take the fun out of it. Also, by structure, I just meant, like, introduce yourself a little, maybe address the camera, etc. People like being creepy voyeurs (like your friend who looked you up?) and enjoy these kind of videos, but they also like to feel engaged, like they're a part of the ride. And now for my sincerest apologies for the novel-length comments. Feel free to delete them. PS Oddly, this video was on my "What to Watch" page. The title caught my interest, but sadly, not a boner was seen. I feel cheated. PPS Best of luck, whatever you decide to do.



I see what you mean about structure now, and I agree. I have been thinking of things like that, like maybe a Q & A section where we read off user-submitted questions and answer them, for example.

And I appreciated the comments. Thank you for posting. As far as boners go, YouTube's BCIS (Boner Content Identification System) flagged the video for having too many boners, and I had to edit them all out except for a couple of rudimentary Paint drawings before I could upload. Maybe this series is better fit for Vimeo where that stuff is allowed.

Thank you, and take care!


Road Boners w/ Ryan & Charles #1: Swing Low, Sweet Jelly Belly

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Road Boners, featuring Ryan Charles Bennett and Charles Alan Ratliff! Road Boners is a show where two dudes with boners talk about stuff while driving in a car. Yep.

0:24 - Boners and Haircuts

2:29 - Animation

4:03 - Double Directions

4:23 - Sick People Phobia

5:54 - Sex with Clones

7:19 - Condoms and STD Testing

9:15 - Video Editing and Awkward Pictures

10:10 - Patreon

11:00 - Photography

11:48 - Every Frame a Painting

12:04 - Penis Mashing

Official Playlist

The date is February 5th, 2015. Ryan and Charles are on their way home from the library, where Ryan was printing off his acting resumé to take to an audition he had a callback for that morning. However, the character he was auditioning for was deleted from the script, so the two headed back to Ryan's place instead...

The camera angle is fixed in all future episodes. The audio will be better starting episode #4.