Some Neat Drawings from Shuhei Yoshida's Miiverse Profile

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated and one of my favorite people in the industry, posted on his Twitter yesterday that he got a Wii U. Of course, this confused (and even angered) some of his followers as to why someone who works for Sony (and in such a powerful position) would buy a Nintendo console. Before responding to those people, however, he posted up his Nintendo Network ID so people could send him friend requests in order to test out the Miiverse's Activity Feed. Though friending him is now disabled, anyone interested in following him can do so by searching for ShuYoshida. The only message from Yoshida currently is a drawing he posted on the Nintendo Land Community board, which his many followers decided to add to by drawing some things of their own. Here are some of my favorites!:

This one's my favorite of the bunch.


It's certainly one of the more fun ways for people to request games be made.