Pets Named After Game Characters: Part I

I have a Notepad document which contains a list of posts to eventually write; "Pets Named After Game Characters" is one of them. I know I'm not the only one out there who has named a pet after a video game character, either. So, what made me decide to write about this topic today? Well, it's because of a little guinea pig that showed up at my front door a few days ago, but we'll get to him in Part IV of "Pets Named After Game Characters".

Let's do this alphabetically, which just so happens to be chronologically as well!: 

Big Boss

Commencing Operation Snake Eater.

Big Boss was an easy cat to name due to his time of arrival and the color of his eyes. Belonging to my mom's former boss's stepdaughter (that was tough to write!) who was originally going to abandon him,  my mom's boss took him in only to discover that he didn't get along with their other cat. So, she asked my mom if she wanted to take him in. Already having four cats in the house, taking care of Big Boss wasn't an issue, and we soon added a fifth kitty to our loving home. This all took place shortly after E3 2003, where Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater made its 10-minute debut.

A lot of speculation was abound, as is usual with a new Metal Gear reveal, and some of the crazier (and obviously wrong even then) theories were suggesting that Hideo Kojima was introducing time travel to the series and that you would continue to play as Solid Snake. People like myself knew better. We knew that the only real explanation for the game taking place in the 1960's and having a character look nearly identical to Solid Snake is that the game was going to tell the story of Big Boss himself. Being a massive Metal Gear fan, and seeing the cat's eyes matching the exact color of the man himself, I knew what to call him instantly.


  • Has the softest fur out of any kitty I've ever petted (which is a lot!).
  • Is a super-good cuddler! You'd be hard-pressed to have a more relaxing, furry sleep.
  • Is very good at telling you what he wants by meowing loudly until you follow him.
  • Enjoys viewing the outdoors.

I always enjoy people's reactions to his name at animal clinics and such. My mom always likes to point out that I'm the one who named him. He still has one of the coolest names for a cat ever.

I should really see if they make eye patches for cats...

Just kidding. I don't think he would like that very much.


Concept art from Peace Walker, but still. Look at the color of his eye!


"Why'd you defect?!"