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Pets Named After Game Characters: Part III


"It's only when I'm on the bike that I'm free to be the real me. I only get off my bike when I fall in love or fall dead..."

EVA was born under my brother's car. He went outside one day to discover our local cat, "Kitty", underneath his car with a fresh litter of kittens. I woke up to the sounds of mewing, only to discover a cardboard box full of adorable kitties in our laundry room. In another case of mistaken gender (much like Nozomi), EVA turned out to actually be male. S/he was easy to name at the time, however, as every Big Boss needs his EVA.


See the resemblance?

Sadly, the picture at the very top is the only one I have of EVA the kitty, so let's move on to trivia!


  • Likes to sleep right on top of you, no matter how hot it may be
  • Will jump onto your leg using all claws, ensuring attention is given
  • Enjoys trying to eat your people food, potentially ruining your meal
  • Very playful and energetic
  • A great brother. Likes to sleep with his siblings, keeping them warm and comfortable


Pets Named After Game Characters: Part II



Found under a tree in 2006, Nozomi was lucky my mom was out at Milford Lake, Kansas that day. The storm had stopped, and Nozomi had taken cover. A tiny, awkward kitten whose fur made it look as if it had been struck by lightning, he was obviously in need of assistance. My mom fed him the last bite of chicken sandwich she had, which he gobbled up quickly. He started purring, and she brought him home and placed him in the bathroom. One of my fondest memories of his time in there was when I went in to keep him company and he ended up sleeping on my face. Literally.

Nozomi quickly grew up into the healthy, stout figure you see above (who, when the picture was taken, was sitting like a human, all on his own, in a way I've never seen a cat do), and to this day, through his affection, still seems incredibly grateful to my mom for rescuing him that day.

But what about his name? Which game character is he named after? Is he named after the fat kid from Persona 3, as some kind of sick joke because he used to be so skinny?:


A true gourmand.

Seeing as how Persona 3 wasn't released in my part of the world until 2007, and I'm not one to import games, no.

Actually, Nozomi was named after a game character opposite of his gender, a bad habit I seem to have as I always guess the sex of a cat incorrectly. I realized that I had never named a pet after anything from one of my favorite games of all time, Shenmue, so I named him after Nozomi Harasaki.


Wait, no.

There we go.


  • Is the most toned, muscular kitty I have ever known
  • Is best friends with Big Boss
  • Loves to climb up onto your shoulder and be held
  • Is the only kitty that all the other kitties get along with and take care of
  • Goes by the nickname of "Stormy", due to the circumstances he was found in


"Last night my mom called from Canada; my father is insisting that I return."