PlayStation 4 Acquired: Setting it up for the very first time

I picked up my PlayStation 4 from the closest UPS Customer Center (about a 40-minute drive) right before 9 AM hit on November 15th, 2013. Thanks to an informative post on reddit, I didn't have to wait until 4 or 5 PM like I usually have to do with UPS packages.

My local UPS Customer Center.

Making sure my PlayStation 4 shipped OK before leaving the parking lot.


On my way back home I stopped off at Walmart to pick up Killzone: Shadow Fall, but, along with a few other games and the console itself, they were completely sold out. Luckily there's a GameStop right by it, so I managed to get the game there.

In my kitchen.

I strapped a GoPro to my head and unboxed the console and accessories, transitioning into a direct capture (in beautiful 1080p) of the PlayStation 4 user interface as I set up and personalized my console. The only parts I cut are where you can see me inputting my passwords. Other than that, the intention of the video is show what the experience is like for a person first turning on their PlayStation 4. The load times have improved since recording.

Jump to the 11:37 mark to go straight to the direct capture of the UI.

27:10 - Settings

33:55 - Trophies

37:28 - Friends

39:22 - PlayStation Store

50:03 - Library

50:29 - Live from PlayStation (viewing livestreams). I am very impressed with how well they pulled this off.

1:01:00 - Putting in the Killzone: Shadow Fall disc.