Oculus Rift: Infinite-Realities' 3D Nude Scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Disclaimer: This video features a high-quality, 3D scan of a fully nude woman. 

Go here to watch the video. Click "Need a hint?" for the password. Due to issues with Adobe Flash and browser compatibility, the video will no longer be embedded here.

Lee Perry-Smith (director at Infinite-Realities) has released another Oculus Rift demo containing a 3D scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton.  This time, fully nude, the scan of Joceline is repeated five times, each model featuring a different type of shader. From left to right you have: Polymimetic Alloy (T-1000), Massage Oil! (I called it "Massage Oili" in the video as I couldn't discern the exclamation point with the low-resolution of the Oculus Rift), Powdered Skin, Linear-Polarized, and Metalized.


Download the demo


Here is the first video featuring a different scan of Joceline Brooke-Hamilton in which I go into more detail about the technology and its future possibilities.