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Marauder Shields: Hero

The following video contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3.


Inspired by MichelKobayashi's "His name was Marauder Shields." video, I preferred the belief that Marauder Shields was actually an ally trying to protect you from seeing Mass Effect 3's horrible ending. I made the video early this morning and posted it up on YouTube.

My PlayStation Vita Wallpapers

Today was the official launch day of the PlayStation Vita in the United States, and mine arrived earlier today from Amazon. I just got all the trophies in Welcome Park and now want to show off the wallpapers I'm using. All of these were obtained from either or from the Vita wallpaper thread on NeoGAF. They are displayed in the order that they're seen on the system. All screens were taken using the Vita itself.

My lock screen. Mass Effect 3!

The first screen I see after unlocking the Vita. This section is for things I use the most. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

This section is also for things I use the most, but I didn't want to cover up Lightning's beautiful face. Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4.

For photos, videos, and music. Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet.

This last section is for things I will need to access the least. It's a design by NeoGAF member m0dus.