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Pets Named After Game Characters: Part III


"It's only when I'm on the bike that I'm free to be the real me. I only get off my bike when I fall in love or fall dead..."

EVA was born under my brother's car. He went outside one day to discover our local cat, "Kitty", underneath his car with a fresh litter of kittens. I woke up to the sounds of mewing, only to discover a cardboard box full of adorable kitties in our laundry room. In another case of mistaken gender (much like Nozomi), EVA turned out to actually be male. S/he was easy to name at the time, however, as every Big Boss needs his EVA.


See the resemblance?

Sadly, the picture at the very top is the only one I have of EVA the kitty, so let's move on to trivia!


  • Likes to sleep right on top of you, no matter how hot it may be
  • Will jump onto your leg using all claws, ensuring attention is given
  • Enjoys trying to eat your people food, potentially ruining your meal
  • Very playful and energetic
  • A great brother. Likes to sleep with his siblings, keeping them warm and comfortable